Who We Are

We’re a design studio dedicated to helping companies bring better products to market.

Founded in 2008, Enbrite Design is led by Endrit Hajno. Our work is created by listening closely to our clients business needs and delivering new product designs that delight their customers and contribute to the business success of their business. We work across design disciplines to transform ideas into personal experiences for end users.


We research the marketplace and create graphs to understand the position of a product category. We ask questions about what people love. Hence, we develop a scaffold to inspire innovative thinking.


We brainstorm product ideas to solve design problems, improve the way products feel, and make them easier to use. Through this “design thinking” process, we create interactive experiences that have a lasting and meaningful impact on people.


We engineer and manage the development of each product design. We walk our clients through every step to ensure that each product idea becomes a physical reality in the marketplace.

Who We Work With

We work with people who want to develop products that stand out in a crowded market place. We help Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, and Manufacturers identify and design for market opportunities and product solutions. We pay attention to their end consumers pinpoints and create meaningful experiences that delight end customers.


We partner with entrepreneurs and their startups to help them clearly identify their customers problems and design elegant solutions with a clear and consistent brand voice.

Product Managers

We partner with Product Managers in fortune 500 companies to generate new products ideas in new market channels that become successful business units contributing added sales revenue.


We become a plug-in design department for manufactures investing in new technologies to help them win more business by demonstrating how their technology can be applied innovatively.

Our Business Model

We succeed when you succeed. Our success based business model has been proven to create strong and resilient relationships with our customers over the decade. We focus on keeping overhead low and quality high. Our model saves our customers money and time.


We charge our customers a small retainer to cover our small overhead. We act as a plug-in design department focused on a clear objective.

The design process is not linear, ideas shift and time is spent differently between each phase of a project. We see each project through napkin sketch to customer reach.


We partner and share the risk to generate new products ideas in new markets. We share sucesses and falliures alike with out partners.

New projects or ventures have risk. We believe in our capabilities enough to share that risk along with our customers. In return we take a small royalty percentage.

Why We Matter

Our core belief is to design for people. Our approach to problem solving is by empathizing with the end consumer to discover pinpoints and deliver elegant solutions. No matter if it’s a product, system, or interface we develop, our objective is to deliver and make an impact for our partners and their customers.

Shared Risk

Success based model that saves customers money and time.


We are an AVL trusted service vendor for fortune 500 companies.

Design Thinking

We use a human centered design process to problem solving.


We connect our customers with quality vetted suppliers.


We use multiple tools (ID, UX, UI, EE, ME, etc.) to find solutions.


We become an integrated design arm of your venture/organization.


Let’s talk about what we can help you design, strategize, & build together!